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Protect yourGoogle Nest video doorbell against theft and vandalism with our doorbell protection (anti-theft protection)

• Protects your video doorbell
• Makes theft a lot more difficult
• Super sleek design
• Own design
• 100% Matching
• High quality stainless steel
• High quality powder coat
• Attach with 4 screws
• Made in Holland

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Prevent vandalism or theft of your Google Nest video doorbell

This robust and durable protective cover is specially designed to protect your video doorbell against vandalism. The CMD doorbell protector is made of high-quality stainless steel and is easy to install. The protective cover is tailor-made for your specific brand and model of video doorbell, so you are assured of a perfect fit and optimal protection.

Google Nest Hello
Anti-theft cover
Google Nest Hello Doorbell Protection
Google Nest Doorbell
Anti-theft cover
Ring Pro 1 & 2
Antii-theft cover
Ring Doorbell 2 & 3 & 4
Antii-theft cover

Prevent your video doorbell from being stolen with our Anti-theft screws

If you are looking for a way to protect your video doorbell against theft or vandalism, the CMD doorbell protector is the option. Many video doorbells come with a pin that allows you to remove the video doorbell quickly and easily, but this also makes it easier for thieves to steal it.

The CMD doorbell protector makes it more difficult to damage or steal your video doorbell.

You can make it even more difficult for thieves by attaching the video door protector with  anti-theft screws , further increasing the protection against theft. Protect your property and enjoy extra peace of mind with the CMD doorbell protector.


Prevent your Google Nest video doorbell from being stolen with our security screws

The advantages of using anti-burglary screws for your job!
Just like nails, screws are a mounting material that can be used to create a strong connection. Usually these materials are chosen for a permanent connection, which must remain in place for a longer period of time. So don’t use these anti-theft screws if you need to take the video doorbell off to charge. The hinges of a door are a good example of this. These are screwed and are therefore very sturdy. The special screws in this category provide more security because they offer extra protection against burglary. By using these screws to mount the video doorbell protector, you make it extra difficult for burglars to steal your video doorbell. Most burglars look for easy targets, which increases the chance that they will pass your house. 

Why use anti-burglary screws ?
If your video doorbell is stolen, it is very annoying. If you stay outside, it brings a lot of unrest and uncertainty. With these special screws you can prevent this stress and anxiety, because your home is then extra well secured. The chance of burglary is then much smaller because the screws can often only turn the left side or have another extra security. This makes it much more difficult to get them loose again.

How do I carry out my job with anti-burglary screws ?
You attach this security in the same way as normal frame screws. The attachment can be done manually or with an electric screwdriver. 

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