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Cookies allow websites such as these to store information about your surfing behaviour, but also about the popularity of certain parts of the website or the processes we use online. There have been some changes in legislation lately.

Notification for Internet users
The government recently passed a new cookie law that requires websites to notify their users when they use cookies. This resulted in a pop-up window on various websites asking for permission from the user. The website has the right to do this only if the user actively indicates that he agrees to the placing of cookies on the computer. This makes it easier for users to understand how the website uses cookies.

Different types of cookies
There are also different types of cookies available, which has attracted more attention in the new cookie law. The law requires websites to report all cookies, although it is absolutely impossible to always track surfing behavior. There are also cookies, for example these are only aimed at the popularity of certain parts of the website or the favorite process of visitors. These cookies are much less privacy-sensitive, which means that many internet users experience these pop-up windows as a nuisance.

Internet Policy
The government has decided to slightly adjust the internet policy. Under the first cookie law, where all cookies must be reported and permission is requested, they now hope to partially reverse this situation. The government now only wants websites to report cookies that actually track the surfing behavior of visitors. These cookies are aimed at the privacy of users, therefore, in accordance with government requirements, it is important to include cookies on the websites they use.

Disable cookies
You can choose not to accept cookies at all without specifying this on each website. In that case, look for settings related to internet usage based on your browser. Look for the tab or section “cookies” and indicate that you never want to accept them. Please note that cookies can make browsing easier at certain times, for example by remembering your filtering preferences or offering recently visited items.

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