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Eufy E340 video doorbell camera

Eufy E340 Video Doorbell | Smart doorbell with chime

The Eufy Doorbell E340 has 2 cameras so you have an extra large field of view. You not only see what is happening in front of your door, but you can also see when a package is placed on the ground. Thanks to the advanced AI, the doorbell recognizes people and packages. The camera has a 2K camera with infrared sensor for razor-sharp images during the day and at night.

Smart doorbell without a subscription, so
you can view images for free. In the Eufy app you can set detection areas for motion notifications. By default, the doorbell will make a recording of every motion detection that you can later view on your smartphone.

Works with and without Homebase
The Eufy E340 Dual doorbell has an internal memory of 8GB on which the images are stored. If you want to use extra storage, you can do so using the Homebase 3. This doorbell comes with a wireless doorbell chime that you can plug into the socket so that in addition to notifications on your smartphone, you also hear a bell when the doorbell rings.

Replaceable battery
Unique to this doorbell is that it is equipped with a replaceable battery. These batteries are also available separately, making it possible to easily exchange the battery when it is empty so that you are never without power. You can also connect the doorbell to a bell transformer.

What’s in the box?

  • Eufy E340 Dual Video Doorbell
  • Manual
  • Eufy Chime Wi-Fi doorbell chime
  • EU and UK plug
  • Chargeable battery
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Mounting plate
  • 15° wedge to mount the bell at an angle
  • Extension cables
  • Bypass for chime
  • Pin to release doorbell
  • Positioning map for screws
  • Security sticker
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