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Anti-theft screws: Protect your video doorbell against theft
  • Video doorbells and doorbell guards their importance in home security
  • How anti-theft screws can be used to secure doorbell protectors
  • The benefits of anti-theft screws in home security

Video doorbells and doorbell guards their importance in home security

  1. Prevents Unauthorized Access: Doorbell protectors ensure that only authorized persons have access to your home. doorbell protectors  prevent strangers or malicious parties from manipulating the video doorbell to gain access.

  2. Limits the possibilities of burglars: A burglar can use the video doorbell to check if someone is home before breaking in. With doorbell protectors you can limit this possibility and reduce the risk of burglary.

  3. Enhanced Security: By installing a video doorbell with a doorbell protector, you can increase the security of your home. You can rest assured that your home is not easily accessible to unauthorized persons.

  4. Reduces Risk of Fraud: Some scammers try to trick homeowners by posing as delivery drivers or service personnel and asking to enter. Video doorbells can help reduce this risk by preventing these individuals from entering your home.

It is important to choose doorbell protectors that match your type of video doorbell that are designed to meet the security needs of your home. Installing doorbell guards can be a cost-effective and easy way to improve your home’s security. 

How anti-theft screws can be used to secure doorbell protectors

Anti-theft screws are an effective way to secure doorbell protectors and prevent them from being easily removed or stolen. Below are the steps to use anti-theft screws to secure your doorbell protector:

  1. Remove the existing screws: Locate the screws holding the doorbell guard and unscrew them with a screwdriver.

  2. Select the right anti-theft screws : There are different types of anti-theft screws available, so please select the one we sell to make sure it fits the size of the doorbell protector.

  3. Insert the anti-theft screws into the holes of the video doorbell protective cover and tighten them using a flathead screwdriver. The flat-head screwdriver   is needed to tighten the screws, and prevents others from unscrewing the screws.

  4. Check that the security works: Check that the doorbell protector is firmly attached and that the anti-theft screws are working properly. Make sure the screws are tight and that the doorbell protector cannot be removed without the special key.

By using anti-theft screws with a doorbell protector from CDM, you can ensure that your video doorbell is securely attached and make it more difficult for thieves to steal it. It is important to remember that anti-theft screws are no guarantee that your doorbell protector cannot be stolen, but they can help prevent or deter theft.

NB! If you have to charge the battery regularly / want to remove the doorbell protector for other reasons, we advise not to use these anti-theft screws. By applying anti-burglary screws, parts can no longer be unscrewed.

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